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Cargo Tracking Note – what is it..??

Cargo Tracking Notes (CTN) – is an official, maritime document issued upon shipment at the loading port and mandatory for many countries in Africa..

The basic information required on the CTN is the cargo, shipper, receiver, vessel/voyage, loading and discharging port.. The CTN is required by these countries for information on cargo flows and also for statistics purposes..

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An all women South African ship crew makes history

Further to my previous post paying tribute to women in shipping in South Africa and everywhere else, SA women have put themselves on top again by completing a five day voyage with an all woman crew.. The SA Agulhas is South Africa’s ice-strengthened polar research vessel..  The ship recently completed a five day voyage with an all woman crew and on […]

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Voucher of Correction

A voucher of correction (abbreviated as VOC) is a document that is used in South African shipping to amend any details or particulars that need to be changed in the Bill of Entry (SAD500) that has already been filed for a particular shipment with customs.. This should be filed by the accredited customs clearance agent […]

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