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Difference between storage and overstay

One of my readers had a question ” Can you please explain the difference between storage and overstay “.. Simply put, Overstay is the process of moving uncleared containers into a customs bonded/authorised depot for storage purposes till the consignee is ready to clear the container and take delivery.. This is generally done after the […]

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How to seal a container

From embossed lead wire seals to plastic and metal strip seals to plastic and metal bullet seals to padlocks everything has been used so far to safeguard the precious cargo that is shipped in containers..

Depending on the shipping line or the exporter and the level of safeguard required, many containers carry any of the above types of seals.. But foremost importance is that a seal be present on the container and that it is put in the right place..

What would be the right place..??

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Difference between demurrage and detention

Difference between Demurrage and Detention

Demurrage and Detention – a very contentious topic and one of the most expensive costs in containerised shipping..

This article discusses all about Container Demurrage and Detention and the differences and similarities across various countries and shipping lines..

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