Duly discharged bill of lading – the great debate

Cargo covered by a bill of lading maybe released to the entity to whom it is consigned..

Some lines are releasing cargo without the endorsement , some are strictly following above, some are content with releasing cargo to whoever is in possession of the bill of lading and are not seeking any endorsement or authorisation letter (in the case of release to an agent)..

What is your viewpoint on this issue..??

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Article 5 – Special Containers & its Cargoes – OOG/Reefer

There are a variety of special cargo that is generally loaded on every ship.. Most common of which are : Out of gauge Cargo Hazardous Cargo Refrigerated Cargo In this article, we will discuss (yes it is a discussion so please feel free to join in and post your comments) OOG Cargo and Refrigerated Cargo…

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