Who are the readers of this shipping and freight blog..??

Who are the readers of this shipping and freight blog..??

I published below post originally on 26th of September 2012 asking feedback from you, the readers, about yourself.. There have been a few comments from readers..

I thought it would be a good idea to republish it and find out more information from a lot of the new readers that have signed up..

So please feel free to share your information and interests in shipping and freight and which sector of shipping and freight you are involved in and what type of information you are looking for, so that I can write about that..

Something like a request for a song you send to your favourite radio station :).. 

I have further updated the blog to give you 7 tips on how to use Shipping and Freight Resource Blog effectively to your advantage..

This Shipping and Freight Resource has been around since October 2008 (thanks to the support from the readers of this blog) and has been viewed more than 528,000+ times..

This is an interactive blog and it is focused on sharing knowledge, information, and creating interesting/thought provoking discussions about the subject of our livelihood (Shipping and Freight)..

While you (the readers) know a bit about me , through this blog and some of you personally, I realized that I don’t know most of the readers or anything about you..

I do know some of you who have been commenting on this blog regularly and image for question mancontributing to the interaction (thanks guys) but these are few compared to the readers..

In order to understand my readership more, I would like to know more about

  1. Who (you) the readers of this blog are,
  2. Which sector of the shipping industry or trade you represent or belong to,
  3. Do you work for a shipping line, clearing agent, exporter or importer

I am inviting each of you to write a comment sharing a bit of your background and if this blog has helped you in any way, maybe some feedback on how it has helped and what other topics relating to shipping and freight you would like this blog to cover..

If you read or subscribe to other similar blogs, please do share that information as well..

Your feedback is very valuable to me to improve on the content of this blog and it will also help others reading this blog understand and learn more..

I will do my best to answer all comments, and if you have a shipping/freight blog or website, I will take the time to visit it and link to it as well..

Let’s get to know each other..

You can share your views about above article here..

96 comments on “Who are the readers of this shipping and freight blog..??

  1. sheeda says:

    hi I’m Sheeda and working as a Logistics specialist for a beverage co. Came across your blog while looking up on some shipping documentation and enjoyed your post as they are straight forward. more articles from supplier/shipper side please..

    1. Hello Sheeda, glad to be of help in your documentation queries.. Can you pls elaborate on what you are looking for on the supplier/shipper side, thanks..

  2. Eva says:

    I am connected with the ports authority in Palawan, Philippines. Reading your blog really helped me become more knowledgeable on terms used in the shipping industry. I could say the terms are explicitly explained – in details, and in laymen’s understanding. The write ups are presented in a way that make the reader become interested to read more. Thank you.

    1. Hello Eva, thank you for your kind words.. Appreciate it..

  3. Carlos says:

    Hello Hariesh Manaadiar,
    I work as Operations Manager for a trading company based in Panama. I came across your blog while researching for a paper I’m writing on Cargo Damage – Root Causes. Your covverage of several topics proved to be a useful source of ideas. Thanks and keep up the good work!

    1. I am glad to be assistance Carlos.. If you are ok with it, maybe you can share the research paper with the readers of this blog.. :)

  4. Rajamanickam says:

    Dear All,

    I’m Rajamanickam from Chennai, India. Currently working for CMA CGM. I’m reading this blog to update my maritime knowledge in order to clear my ICS PQE exams.

    Dear Hariesh, I’m requesting you to share an article regard ICS (Institute of chartered Shipbrokers)

    Thank You.


    1. Vanakkam Rajamanickam.. Good to have you on board.. I have written a brief about ICS-SA here.. You can also visit http://www.icschennai.org/ for more information about ICS..

  5. Domingos says:

    My name is Domingos and i work as Custom Broker in Salvador / Brazil.
    I found your blog few weeks ago and its really usefull! Lots of good information.

    Thanks a lot!

    1. Welcome to my blog Domingos.. Please feel free to share this blog with your peers.. :) The more the merrier..

  6. Snowden says:

    Hie! My name is Snowden, a malawian by national. Studied my diploma and qualified in the field of shipping, logistics, customs clearing and international freight forwarding 2003.

    Worked as a clearing clerk handling both imports and exports shipment. Mainly doing documentation and cleating. For a period of three to four years. And also worked as a container logistics and handling by the container terminal depot for two years. Till I find myself this side of South Africa trying to look for greener pasture up to now did not get any. So am doing different stuff.

    But with this blog of shipping I am learning more everyday. Most of the topics are useful in a way that I am intending to study more and get more qualifications in this industry of shipping and logistics..

    Thanks for this blog once again

    1. Hello Snowden, I am glad to be of assistance and good luck with your greener pastures in SA and your future studies.. What are you planning on studying further..??

  7. Karen M says:

    Hello ! I am a freight forwarder in Miami, FL . I have been in the industry almost 20 years and I with every blog post, I learn something new. I also like share the post to my newer colleagues and you have a beautiful way of explaining things like ” what is the difference between a house and a master” or what is a “telex release”. Your blog is great and one of a kind !

    1. Thank you Karen, you are making me blush now.. 😀 And you are most welcome..

  8. Santan reddy thiyyagura says:

    I am new to this industry and this is my first job. I am following the updates of the blog regularly. I am very much thankful to you sir for upgrading my knowledge by posting regular updates. I had learnt a lot from this blog. i would like to know the process in Shipping line, their responsibilities etc. Once again thank you very much Sir.

    1. Hello Santan, good luck with your new job and welcome to the industry.. Pls continue to read all the articles and participate in the various discussions and articles..