Various cargo and packing types in containers

Most of you might have heard of the various cargo and packing types in containers, but a lot of the people who have been dealing with exports and imports might have never seen what the inside of a container looks like (whether empty or full) or the cargoes packed in it..

Hence i thought it might help to show a few images of the same.. Although it is not a complete list/photos by any means, i think it covers a lot of the cargo packing types and should help afore mentioned people to get an idea..

If anyone has any other interesting or unusual cargoes/packing types packed in containers, please do let me know and i will add them to the blog..

Some of the images are courtesy of some good people at Deugro, Access Freight, Bridge Shipping.. Thanks guys..

Click on the images to enlarge them..

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6 comments on “Various cargo and packing types in containers

  1. Htet Ko Zin says:

    Thanks a lot, sir

  2. Stephanie says:


    I need to find out the cubic metres of the 3 types containers. Can anyone help. Thanks.

  3. Barista Uno says:

    Interesting image gallery. I look forward to a sequel showing more unusual cargoes, including contraband goods stuffed in containers and seized by customs.


    Dear manaadiar, Thanks a lot for this practical explanation that I appreciate too much.
    Good luck

  5. bowsprite says:

    Thank you, Manaadiar and Co!

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