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Ground rent vs demurrage-detention

Ground rent vs demurrage-detention – is there a difference..?? This is a question from Siddhartha What is ground rent , is it different from demurrage and detention ? and who will collect ground rent ? Siddhartha, in very simple terms, ground rent indicates Storage and it is different from demurrage and detention.. Storage could occur…

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Combined demurrage/detention

Further to my previous post regarding demurrage/detention (, there has been question raised by one of the readers on my international blog ( “What is the meaning of combined demurrage/detention charge? How is that being calculated? This again confuses the customer – if you have a combined detention/demurrage – it means that you either get…

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Article 4 – Import process

Before we start the import process lets look at some definitions/explanations : Consignee or Importer : Companies that are authorised by Customs and Govt authorities to import cargoes into South Africa from various countries.. Place of Origin : A place from which a certain cargo originates in order to be shipped to a certain destination…

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