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Demurrage, Detention and Despatch

Demurrage, Detention and Despatch are terms that are used around the world in day to day shipping.. However sometimes people get confused about what to use which term where, especially Demurrage as it relates to container and bulk trades..

This article endeavours to clear this confusion by discussing the difference between Demurrage, Detention and Despatch and the meaning of each of these terms..

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Ground rent vs demurrage-detention

Ground rent vs demurrage-detention – is there a difference..?? This is a question from Siddhartha What is ground rent , is it different from demurrage and detention ? and who will collect ground rent ? Siddhartha, in very simple terms, ground rent indicates Storage and it is different from demurrage and detention.. Storage could occur…

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Combined demurrage/detention

Further to my previous post regarding demurrage/detention (http://shippingandfreightresource.com/2009/07/08/difference-between-demurragedetention/), there has been question raised by one of the readers on my international blog (http://theworldofshipping.wordpress.com).. “What is the meaning of combined demurrage/detention charge? How is that being calculated? This again confuses the customer – if you have a combined detention/demurrage – it means that you either get…

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Article 4 – Import process

Before we start the import process lets look at some definitions/explanations : Consignee or Importer : Companies that are authorised by Customs and Govt authorities to import cargoes into South Africa from various countries.. Place of Origin : A place from which a certain cargo originates in order to be shipped to a certain destination…

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