Will you please pack your container properly..!!

Will you please pack your container properly..!!

I can hear this cry loud and clear from many P&I Clubs, Insurance companies, Transporters and Shipping Lines and all within good reason too..

There are innumerable cases of damages due to cargo, containers, personnel and ships due to improper packing of cargo into containers..

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Above slideshow shows some pictures of cargo that has been improperly packed/secured in containers.. This will give you an idea of the damages that happens to cargo and the losses that the shipper or consignee incur as a lot of them still ship cargo without proper insurance cover..

These pictures were downloaded from a great video shown below titled “Any Fool Can Stuff a Container” by UK P&I club.. This video shows the stresses that the cargo inside the container goes through during its journey by road, by sea, by rail etc and the end result when the cargo is not packed into containers properly.. Don’t miss this video..


I have given below, links to some very useful guides relating to the Packing of cargo into containers properly.. This will be very useful especially for packing depots, warehouses and exporters who have their own warehouses doing the packing..

  1. IMO/ILO/UNECE – Code of Practice for Packing of Cargo Transport Units (CTU Code) – January 2014
  2. International Labour Organization – Safety in the supply chain in relation to packing of containers
  3. Container Matters by UK P&I Club
  4. Cargo securing in containers – Transport Information Services from Cargo Loss prevention information from German Marine Insurers
  5. Container Transportation – More Than A Coloured Box
  6. A Basic packing guide
  7. How to pack a marine container
  8. Hapag Lloyd Container Packing Brochure

 Would you like to share some tips, ideas or experiences with regards to packing of cargo into containers..??

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