My 1st Million in shipping and freight

Image for my first millionLast night I silently slipped into the millionaires club.. I got my 1st million in Shipping and Freight.. No, I didn’t make a million bucks !! (although it feels like it) – the MILLION refers to the number of times this blog has been viewed since it started in 2008..

It has been a long journey of a million miles and an interesting one and along-with you, I have also learnt many things along the way..

Since this is my first million of anything, I consider it something very special, all the more since it is something that I love doing.. Compared to other websites, some of which rake up 1 million views in a month, my million may not sound so spectacular, but it is special because this blog is in its own niche of being an educational blog on shipping and freight and has managed to achieve this milestone within this niche..

For reaching my first milestone, I wish to thank the loyal and regular readers of this blog and also the new ones and the people who have taken the time to contribute to discussions and have posted some valuable comments.. You made this possible..

I’m extremely happy with the interest shown by the readers and also the challenging questions that have been posted regularly.. I may not have been able to answer all questions on time, but I do try to answer all of them.. We definitely need more challenging questions and real life case studies and knowledge sharing which can benefit everyone..

More great posts, articles and discussions follows.. Thank you for staying with the blog and looking forward to the next million miles with you.. Keep spreading the word..

What did you think of the above article..?? Comment below..

9 comments on “My 1st Million in shipping and freight

  1. Yash Jhaveri says:

    Keep it up..good luck

  2. Thanks for your wishes and comments everyone.. Appreciate it..

  3. Aanand says:

    Congratulations Hariesh! The first million always takes the longest, looking forward to many more



  4. Congrats Hariesh!! Have been reading your blogs regularly. Very informative and interesting indeed. Keep up the good work.

  5. Bentley Cook says:

    Congratulations Hariesh – WELL DONE!
    You provide a valuable service and fill a sadly lacking gap in shipping education.
    Bentley Cook

  6. Sooraj Sukumaran says:

    Great Job really helpful for the industry guys!

  7. swarna says:

    Congratulations……. great achievement and indeed you are spreading the light of knowledge.

    Best Regards,

    Swarna Silla

  8. Congratulations! Fantastic achievement.

  9. Ethan says:

    Congrats. I believe the 1st Million does matter for single blogger. Keep moving and spreading the world.


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