Markings on a container – what do they mean..??

All of you have seen the markings on a container, specially the door.. Ever thought what they signify..?? See the image below to find out.. For those of you that might have not seen a container upfront, below is what it looks like.. If you want to download it, here’s it in a pdf format..

I presume the explanations shown are simple enough to understand except for maybe the CSC, ACEP certifications.. This i will cover in another post.. If you are unclear about anything, please do let me know or leave a comment..

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12 comments on “Markings on a container – what do they mean..??

  1. Htet Ko Zin says:

    Thanks a lot, sir

  2. Mzwandile101 says:

    thank you for elaborating on that now I know what the markings mean in a container it had a similarity with harzchem

  3. Interesting article indeed.
    Have however a question about container’s manufacturing date: which mark could advise us upon it?

    1. Hello Alladaye, it would be the CSC Plate.. Pls see the image in this article (

  4. MindBlowing Articles

  5. sherif abouzeid says:

    Forgot to tell you also those codes are only marked on the sides of the containers only to be visbile when stacked on rails from each side.

  6. sherif abouzeid says:

    Very helpful blog and excellent work

  7. Nishant Jain says:

    Great work. Really like the way you explain things about the ocean world !

  8. Sarath says:

    thanks.. 🙂

  9. parth says:

    hey mate, i came across this marking on a container, but have no clue about what its supposed to mean.



    1. manaadiar says:

      Hi Parth, must be honest i haven’t come across it before.. Where was it marked and which line/leaseco container was it..??

    2. sherif abouzeid says:


      Those markings are for the railroads use, UIC (Union Internationale des Chemins de Fer). An organization primarily of European railroad that establishes standards for container transport on member railroads.

      ic/80 standes for Deutsche Bahn / German Railways
      ic/81 standes for Österreichische Bundesbahnen / Austrian Federal Railways.

      if you need the full codes email me.

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