Difference between a Liner and Tramp service

You might have heard the terminology Tramp service or Tramper or Tramp vessel and also the terminology Liner Service.. What is the difference between the two..??image for liner vessel

Liner Service – is a service that operates within a schedule and has a fixed port rotation with published dates of calls at the advertised ports.. A liner service generally fulfills the schedule unless in cases where a call at one of the ports has been unduly delayed due to natural or man-mad causes..

Example : The UK/NWC continent service of MSC which has a fixed weekly schedule calling the South African ports of Durban, Cape Town and Port Elizabeth and carrying cargo to the UK/NWC ports of Felixstowe, Antwerp, Hamburg, Le Havre and Rotterdam..

image for tramp vesselA Tramp Service or tramper on the other hand is a ship that has no fixed routing or itinerary or schedule and is available at short notice (or fixture) to load any cargo from any port to any port..

Example : A ship that arrives at Durban from Korea to discharge cargo might carry some other cargo from Durban to the Oakland in the West Coast of USA which in an entirely different direction.. From Oakland say for example it could carry some cargo and go to Bremerhaven..

One of the main differences between Liner and Tramp would be in the type of contract of carriage and Bill of Lading used..

In the case of a Liner, generally the shipping line operating the liner service will have their own pre-printed bill of lading or use a BIMCO CONLINEBILL 2000, whereas in the case of a Tramp service (which may be covered by a Charter Party), a bill of lading like the BIMCO CONGENBILL 2007 will be used depending on the cargo, charter party etc..

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    Liners carry goods in large quanties from merchants and consigners. Tramps ships, on the other hand, often carry cargo on a more random, per-load basis. The primary advantage of ships is their ability to carry tons of merchandise and equipment. They transport many of the world’s finite resources, including oil and coal.

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  7. Liner Shipping means a specific mode of ocean transportation services where a shipping company operates their fleet of vessel for carriage of goods between fixed ports,at regular intervals under publicly advertised schedule. Chartering on the other hand refers to a kind of shipping business, where the entire ship is hired by a shipper or charterer either for a particular voyage or for a period of time say six months or one year, to fulfill his business commitment under some mutually agreed terms and conditions which is known as “Charter Party” in shipping trade. Thanks

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      What are the Roles of Tramp and Break bulk sector

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    what are the important key terms of World Tramp Trade?

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