How to calculate CBM & Freight Ton

One of the most common questions i get asked is how to calculate CBM, specially by those clients who get charged per Freight Ton (weight or volume whichever is higher)..

Firstly CBM stands for CuBic Meter.. This is the most common unit used for the measurement of volumetric cargo..

When you have the dimensions of the package, first of all convert the measurement into meters.. Normally dimensions are in Length x Width x Height..

If for example the dimensions are 3.2 x 1.2 x 2.2 meters then the CBM is simply 3.2 x 1.2 x 2.2 = 8.448 cbm..

As mentioned above if the rate is quoted as for example Usd.12/per freight ton and the weight of the package is 1200 kgs = 1.2 tons, then the freight rate for this will be

8.448 cbm x Usd.12 = Usd.101.376 or

1.2 tons x Usd.12 = Usd.14.4

Since the cbm rate is higher, the freight rate of Usd.101.376 will apply..

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42 comments on “How to calculate CBM & Freight Ton

  1. Shakeel Ahmad says:

    Dear All,

    thanks all for sharing good info. here raised a question in my mind that why we divide 61024 to dimension when dimension is in inch. or why why we divide by 1000000 when dimension is in c,m. where as in meter there is no need of any division. actually what is 61024 and 10000. please let me know?

    1. Shakeel Ahmad says:

      Dear Hariesh Manaadiar,
      Hera i m going to answer your question.. what does 61024 stands for?
      Actually 61024 is used to to calculate CBM while dimesions are in inches. first we need top convert inches into meter. in one meter there are 39.3701 inches. so when we calculate cbm while dimensions are in inch that time we mutiply
      39.3701 X 39.3701 X 39.3701 = 61024.
      L = 23” W = 12” H = 8”
      L X W X H / 61024
      23/39.3701 X 12/39.3701 X 8/39.3701
      0.036 CBM
      I think it ll be hlpfl for u

  2. I have the simple formula to calculate the CBM-

    Dimension in Inches – Length x Width x Height x No. of Carton / 61024

    Its really helpful

    1. Hi Darpan, what does the 61024 represent..??

    2. Darpan Khemani says:

      We calculate LCL shipments by taking the item or items that you would like to purchase and calculate their given volumes. To do this we first take the length, width, and depth of each piece and add from 1-4 inches to each dimension. We add the 1-4 inches to the size of the pieces to allow for packing and framing. Once we get the total volume of the piece or pieces you are ordering we divide the total volume by 61,024

      We get the 61,024 figure from length 39.37 inches multiplied by width 39.37 inches multiplied by Depth 39.37.

  3. Tram says:

    thnks so much abt all inf.above
    Could you pls let me know who can issue SEAWAY bill.
    I used to receive SWB from carrier but never get it from freight forwarder. if so just Carrier can issue SWB? and FWD just issue surrender bill? hope to get your feedback. thnks in advance.

    1. NIRMAL says:

      Hi Tram,

      depend on Shipping used in that case bcoz of only few shipping lines(CSAV & MOL) are issuing Seaway Bill, but forwarder never issue Seaway Bill they are using express release BL


  4. Tariq says:


    Thanks for nice CBM Calculation explanation. You can use this tool for calculations.
    Its simple and useful.

  5. sanjeev jalota says:

    Dear Herish,

    Many thanks for your g8 help and support for learning about shipping.

    could you please help me in learning of air freight also…………please .?


    sanjeev Dubai.

  6. Shaamsheer says:

    Hi Hariesh!,

    I would like to know why the shipping lines are charging different rates on demurrage on different occasions, for the same amount of time and same size of container?. Will be of grate help if i can get some light on it.

    1. sihle says:

      good question

  7. sahel says:

    why the rate in kg is equal to cbm,a higher cbm will carry lower weight goods ..

  8. abhishek mishra says:

    it’s the best ever, thanks for sharing this precise information…thanks a ton or cbm :)

  9. nicolas rudd says:

    what would be the dimesions on 2 cubic meters