Difference between the various weights used in shipping

There are various weights used in day to day shipping.. Why are there so many weights and what do they mean..

I have explained some of the most common below:

Net Weight – (when referring to a cargo) is the total weight of just the raw cargo (say for example – Peppadews)

Gross Weight – (when referring to a cargo) is the total weight of the raw cargo (example – Peppadews) + the weight of bottles or cans that it is packed in.. If the bottles and cans are further packed into cartons which are placed on a pallet, then the weight of the peppadews + bottles + cartons + pallets = gross weight

Net Weight – (when referring to a container) is the total weight (gross as above) of the cargo after it has been packed into a container – but excluding the tare weight of the container

Gross Weight – (when referring to a container) is the total weight of the cargo + the tare weight of the container

Tare Weight – is the weight of the empty container (for general internal dimensions and tare weight refer to http://shippingandfreightresource.com/2009/02/17/container-sizes-and-dimensions-all-types/

Payload – is the maximum cargo weight that a container can carry and excludes the tare weight of the container.. Containers have CSC plates that reflect the payload that the container is allowed to carry..

Deadweight (DWT) – refers to the weight that a ship can safely carry – this includes the weight of the cargo on board the ship, the crew, stores, fuel, water, ballast etc.. If the total weight exceeds the DWT certified by the ship builder, then the ship could be in danger of sinking or damage..

Gross Tonnage (GT) – refers to a ships overall internal volume including crew accommodation, machinery, navigation equipment etc ..

Net Tonnage (NT) – refers to a ships GT minus the the space used up by the crew accommodation, machinery, navigation equipment etc – basically the space that is available for the carriage of passengers and cargo..

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13 comments on “Difference between the various weights used in shipping

  1. m c myaing says:

    could you explain how to calculate black weight on container ship

    1. Hello MC.. Never heard of a black weight.. Can you advise in which context this has been used..??

  2. Htet Ko Zin says:

    Thanks a lot, sir

  3. sudharshie says:

    hi can I know is net weight and gross weight will be same in tank containers.

  4. MJ says:

    Hi Thanks for the info..However, legal weight was not mentioned. What is its difference? Thanks!

  5. Carlos says:

    I am agree but when you issue the bill of lading of fcl the GW of the cargo is separated of the tare.

  6. Manaadiar says:

    lets just call it weight or tonnage.. 🙂 i dont think there is a special name for this grouping..

  7. This topic is a very nice post.I’m blogger of all fields.Would visit next time after subscribing.

  8. Tauqeer says:

    refs to ship, these terms are very informative.

    thanks manaadiar.

  9. manaadiar says:

    Dennis, Peppadew is a vegetable.. Kind of a sweet piquanté pepper..

    1. Manaadiar, thank you for your message. So Peppadew was used as an example of cargo. Great undertood. Thank you again.

  10. bohare says:

    If you are new to the freight industry here is a great list on terms with their definitions. Great source for those who are new to the industry. http://wp.me/p1LcEr-G

  11. Hello, I would like to know what is “Peppadews”



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