carrier refuses to show commercial and sales information on the bill of lading

Help, carrier refuses to show details that I want on the bill of lading

Carrier refuses to show details relating to commercial and sales information of the cargo on the bill of lading.. Are they being pedantic or are they right..??

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Incoterms - Shared Article

The importance of three capital letters – Incoterms

For the past 80 years, Incoterms® has been the cornerstone of commercial trade globally setting the basis for robust trade negotiations which involves directly or indirectly, sellers, buyers, shipping lines, truckers, forwarders, clearing agents, chambers of commerce, legal firms, courts, etc etc.. Read its history here..

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Is there a link between demurrage and Incoterms..??

Is there a link between the demurrage charged by the shipping line and Incoterms®..??

This question was prompted by the below question from one of the readers.. Thank you Rizwan..

We have received huge shipment from our suppliers on CFR basis

In the Bill of lading the Consignee is To The order of Seller and our company name is in Notify party.

The seller has sent us the original Bill of lading 20 days after the vessel has arrived at destination port.

Hence there is a delay in clearing the goods. Can the shipping line claim demurrage charges from us or they should put claim on seller /shipper since the shipping line contract is with the seller and not us

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Incoterms, transfer of risk and title to sue

Incoterms, the transfer of risk and the title to sue are some of the issues that are discussed at length and detail across many platforms.. There is however a great deal of misunderstanding and miscommunication about this subject.. The latest TT Talk article from the TT Club discusses this issue in detail..

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Responsibility of buyer and seller in the case of cargo damage

At some stage of shipping, many buyers and sellers have gone through this question.. There has been cargo damage – who should be held responsible.. Who was supposed to check what..??

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Shipping cargo without insurance – reader question

Shipping your cargo without insurance.. Hmmmmm, not a very smart idea.. Several pitfalls await those who attempt this.. Here’s a question from a reader based on their historical experience.. All comments welcome on this situation..

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