New social media segment #askmanaadiar

I started this blog in 2008 as an educational resource to provide newcomers (and other interested parties) to the shipping and freight industry, a platform to

  • seek information about the industry,
  • learn how things work within the industry,
  • know how a shipment needs to be handled and
  • grow within the industry..

Since 2008 I have been receiving and answering several questions relating to shipping and freight either as a comment on the particular article itself or via the question form in the side bar of this blog..

In view of the popularity of social media and especially Twitter, I thought it was time to introduce the hashtag #askmanaadiar which readers can use to pose questions relating to shipping and freight on this blog’s twitter account..  

Whenever you have a question relating to shipping and freight simply use #askmanaadiar and pose your question on this blog’s twitter account ..

You will receive the response back on your twitter account or in cases where a detailed response is required, as an article on this blog..

If you are not on Twitter, you can sign up and follow this blog..

#askmanaadiar is waiting for you..

What did you think of the above article..?? Comment below..

2 comments on “New social media segment #askmanaadiar

  1. Luciano Ferreira says:

    Good Idea!

    1. Nasir Iqbal says:

      It is best source of knowledge for all of us especially for new joiners.
      Keep it up

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