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Shipping and Freight Resource is a niche blog in the Shipping, Freight, Maritime and Logistics industry structured as an Educational Resource to

  1. Shipping and Freight ResourceAssist aspiring newcomers to the shipping, freight, maritime and logistics sectors to understand the processes and procedures involved in the industry
  2. Enhance the knowledge of those already in the industry
  3. Address the educational and skills gap in the sector

Shipping and Freight Resource covers a variety of topics ranging from imports to exports to bill of lading to hazardous goods to types of containers to types of ships, and also provides information of interest relating to the shipping, freight, maritime and logistics industry..

Here you can learn about :

  • What is a bill of lading..??
  • Difference between demurrage and detention..
  • What to do if an original bill of lading is lost..??
  • How to handle hazardous cargoes..??
  • What documents are used or required..??
  • What happens if the correct documentation is not used..??
  • Which type of ships are used for which cargoes..??
  • And a lot more information about shipping and freight…………

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