You would have noticed from my page that this blog accepts guest posts from people who are experts in the shipping and freight industry and wish to share their knowledge and experience..

People who have contributed guest posts to this blog so far :

*** Donovan Govender – National Customer Services Manager for DAL Agency - based in Durban.. I’m a 2nd Generation Shipping enthusiast with lots of Ships Agency work behind my name. I’ve been with King and Sons, Mitchell Cotts Maritime, Rennies Ships Agency & Csav Group Agencies. Been with DAL Agency since September 2008 and started the ground work for the agency. Currently in charge of the National Freight Desks, and also controlling the Logistics & operations for the company.


*** Michelle Swart – Export Freight Controller for DAL Agency - based in Port Elizabeth


*** Michael MurrellCEO & Founder of ISSG Holdings – ISSG Holdings, Ltd. is a Maritime Security Services Provider. They have over 50 former Navy Commando’s / SEAL’s on staff for vessel protection and IED / Explosive Ordinance Inspection and Clearance Diving. They supply teams for vessel protection that use a specific protection methodology and security measures other than firearms. All of their team members have a minimum of 15 years Naval experience as navy Commandos and SEAL’s. Their divers can conduct inspection operations for oil platforms, ship hulls and port facilities for the detection and disposal of IED’s / and mines.


***Carol Knox -Skills Programme Manager for the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers South Africa Branch –

Carol Knox has a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of South Africa with major subjects being Psychology and English. She then completed a Higher Diploma in Education also through UNISA. Having graduated with a Honours Degree in Education (BED) through the University of KwaZulu-Natal,with three distinctions and two upper second class passes, Carol went on to complete a Master of Education degree by research/thesis.

Carol was awarded her degree cum laude in 1996.Other qualifications include training in Supervision skills for working with Masters and PHD Graduates; ProgrammeEvaluations (social interventions) from the University of Stellenbosch. ETDP SETA Assessor Training was followed by First Aid and Health and Safety Representative courses.Carol has worked with the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers for the past three years putting in place the Quality Management System, managing Accreditation requirements with TETA, marketing, working with Subject Matter Experts on learning material, setting up and ensuring the smooth running of the overall skills training function.

Carol has a strong background in developing learning material for other SETA’s such as Services and Hospitality. Social science research and knowledge generation also forms part of Carol’s portfolio. She has lectured in, amongst others: Communications for the Institute of Chartered Secretaries, Business Presentations, Multi-Media and the Internet, Microsoft Software, and UNISA Psychology. A strong background in teaching at various levels, together with experience running her own business rounds off Carol’s work life exposure.

Carol’s interests include reading, theatre, art galleries, dance performances, Poetry Africa, environmental conservation, hiking, traveling and yoga.


*** Mike Poverello – has served with South African Customs for 29 years, 20 of these being in unbroken service as a Customs Official, and the remaining 9 as a consultant and adviser to SARS in the policy, legal and information technology areas. He also has 5 years experience in consulting to international IT firms in the Customs and Tax systems space.

Currently he is pleased to be part of the Customs Modernisation Programme in SARS.

You can visit Mikes Customs Blog on


INTRODUCING Bentley Professional Freight Management

Very often, one of the most critical aspects of an international project is left , either to a clearing and forwarding agent , or attempted in house by personnel with limited expertise. Often this works , but are you really getting the best options available?

As you are all too aware , project management is a fine art and absorbs a great deal of time and effort by a whole team of experts. The logistics of meeting the delivery deadlines are of critical importance – but is the actual shipping given the right amount of attention?

Very often too, shipping , which to those of us in the industry,  is an easy everyday matter, is a complete mystery to the layman and can be a horrible minefield.

As an independent Freight and Export Operations Manager , I can fill this gap for you.

From 31st March , I was placed on early retirement after 20 years managing the freight for AEL Mining Services in Johannesburg , South Africa as International . Freight and Export Operations Manager . With 37 years experience under my belt , ranging from line desk and line manager at Ellerman an Bucknall and Nedlloyd Lines to sourcing and managing the freight for AEL Mining Services (previously known as AECI Explosives and Chemicals and later as AECI Explosives Ltd) , Ihave been involved in shipments to virtually everywhere in the World as well as very many cross trades. I started with break bulk in the days before containers were introduced to South Africa and was involved in their introduction as well. I have been involved in many different  large projects (involving  shipment of modular factories and specialised mining vehicles ) as well as all sorts of other shipments , including dangerous goods (including of course Class I , explosives).

I have also been involved in very many charters, ranging from (in the  “old” days , bulk ferro alloys , steels , granite etc , to over the last 20 years, numerous shipments of ammonium nitrate in bulk bags , not only from South African ports to various parts of the world but also from other countries , both to South Africa as well as on cross trades between countries not related to South Africa. I have also attended both loading and discharging of these shipments on very many occasions , even including barge discharge about 40km out to sea.

Over the years , I have built up a vast network of friends and contacts throughout the world and, because I “speak shipping”, am also able to easily communicate with direct ship owners, I have now opened up on my own providing a professional freight management, broking and consulting  service which entails sourcing shipping space from anywhere to anywhere in the world for break – bulk , containerized , charter or project business for all types of cargo , including hazardous (excluding only Class 7).

This is not a C&F operation but includes

  • Finding suitable ships
  • Negotiating rates (liner or charter)
  • Booking space (or fixing the charter space – directly or through other  brokers as required)
  • Post shipment tracking of the shipments
  • Acting as Ad Hoc or permanent representative for lines , brokers etc where required / requested (in Johannesburg)
  • Consultancy in respect of stuffing of containers , lashing etc of cargo for containers and break-bulk, up to and including project  shipments large machinery etc, attendance at the loading of ships where required and reporting accordingly. Hazardous cargo , including commercial explosives and military shipments are also acceptable.
  • Anything else along these lines required.

This is not intended to replace your existing shipping department or clearing and forwarding agent, but to provide assistance to them as an independent external aid to obtaining the best possible solution to your international freight requirements.

Bentley Cook || M +27715469207 || Ph +27118821960 || email || skype bentley.cook


If you wish to contribute as a guest author, please visit and follow the guidelines..

All views, information, sentiments, comments supplied by the guest bloggers in this blog are entirely their own and and does not reflect my sentiments or views in any way..

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  1. After nearly 50 Years work in the South Africa trade, hereof 40 years for Deutsche Afrika Linie,Hamburg i retired in May 2009 and have now a partworkjob at the biggest
    containertrader in europe called CHS Container Handel,Bremen
    My address is as follows:
    Reinhard Roehrbein
    Sales Manager
    Tel.: +49 04203 2128
    If anybody is interested to buy used container at a reasonable price please
    contact me.
    Thanks and best regards

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    What is the difference between Sea pilotage, River pilotage and Dock pilotage ?

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    Please can you help me in purchasing 12 6m shipping containers for a spec house I would like to build in Gauteng. The older and cheaper the better!


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