7 tips on how to use Shipping and Freight Resource Blog

blog icon imageEver since I started this blog in 2008, I have received several queries from readers who are totally new to the industry and my blog, wanting to know how to use Shipping and Freight Resource Blog and where to start learning on my blog..

Here are 7 tips on how to use Shipping and Freight Resource Blog..

In order to find and view the required information, it is important to understand the structure and design of this blog, know how to navigate it effectively, where to go, how to look for articles of interest and how and where to ask questions..

If you are totally new to the industry and this blog,

1. The best place to start would be the page that describes all About Shipping and Freight Resource blog.. This page will guide you on what this blog is about and what you can learn on this blog..

2. Image forExploreThe next best thing for you would be to EXPLORE the site..

3. Click or hover over each of the menu items that you see on the Menu bar.. For example if you hover over the Topics link on the menu bar, you can view topics that have been featured on this blog listed per month, per post and per category..

When I started writing this blog, I started with the basic articles in a chronological order.. You can click here to go to the first post or you can click here to view all the posts in reverse chronological order (latest article first) from October 2008 till date..

If you want to look for articles belonging to a certain category, on the menu bar you can go to Topics => Listed by Category => Select the required category.. For example if you want to look for articles about Incoterms®, then you can go to Topics => Listed by Category => Incoterms® and presto, you can view all the posts categorised under Incoterms®..

4. Apart from the above, using the Menu bar you can also

  • Read about the author of this blog..
  • Subscribe to this blog so you can receive updates, new articles direct to your inbox for free :)..
  • Ask questions relating to shipping and freightthis is one of the most important, useful and popular areas of this blog.. I would highly recommend you use this option to ask questions for which you could not  find answers on this blog..
  • If you click on the Answers link on the Menu bar, you can view answers to your questions and also other questions that have been asked by readers.. Here you can also contribute your own answers to others questions..
  • Use the search bar to search for any keywords related to shipping, freight, maritime, logistics, Incoterms etc and if it has been covered in this blog (more than likely) you will see those results, if not, you will see results from mainstream Google.. These search results might also display some ads related to Shipping and Freight that could add value to you..

5. Next area to explore would be the Side Bar which lets you

  • View Popular Posts of the Day, Week, Month and All Time
  • Like the Facebook page of this blog
  • Search the blog and Google for any keywords you may input

6. Below each post, you will see a Comments Section.. This is also a very important section to share your views, opinions, answer other readers questions about a particular article..Image for comment bar

This is an interactive blog, so don’t feel shy, do contribute using the comment form..

If you have any doubts or difficulties in navigating this site, accessing information or finding out where certain items are, or if you have any suggestions for improvements, please drop me an email..