Am I allowed to change the bill of lading number on a switch bill of lading..??

Further to my previous article regarding Switch Bill of Lading, here’s a question from a reader Surangi.. Answers anyone..?? Hi… can you change the b/l no  on the switch b/l eg- if the B/l is switch in Singapore  and loaded to Colombo to Calcutta original set have Cal B/l no and switch b/l have a…

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What is a LASH Bill of Lading..??

This is a question from one of the readers – Oleg.. Hi Hariesh, I have got a new L/C, which was agreed with our customer in India, to perform a shipment of Goods. In this L/C is a statement, that the LASH B/L IS NOT ACCEPTABLE. What means LASH B/L??! I dunno.  Oleg, a LASH Bill of Lading relates to goods…

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Introduction to Nautical Charts – Types of Navigation Charts Based on Origin

Second mates on ships are often seen engrossed with drawing lines and working on those multi colored, thick bundles of sheets kept nicely stowed in canvass covers in various shelves in wheelhouse or Navigational Bridge. Few have even wondered how a trivial task such as drawing courses on those sheets can make him so engrossed…

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4 Types of Ship Launching Methods

Launching of ships is one of the most important methods of the entire ship construction process. Last few years have seen a number of developments in the field of ship launching systems in order to improve the safety and stability of the ship in the water. Different types of Ship launching methods Traditionally, ship launching…

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A freight forwarders view

I generally write/share information only about educational matters relating to shipping and freight.. However, below view (albeit on the lighter side) of a freight forwarder and his feelings was too good not to share.. Courtesy of FTW..  Alien Logistics shares this “open letter from a freight forwarder”. They assured readers that no customers were hurt…

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Who should pay for securing the cargo in the container in an EXW deal..??

In a shipment on EXW terms – Who should pay for securing the cargo in the container..?? This is a question posed by a reader as below.. Here is my question :  – cargo (wine in cartons, on pallets) will be exported from France to the USA – the term of sale is EXW –…

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Can you trust Safety Data Sheets..??

Abuse of Safety Data Sheets for cargo bookings is uncomfortably frequent. A recent TT Club claim relating to a fire onboard a ship highlighted a number of issues. Take utmost care with what is presented and be proactive in warning customers of their legal obligations – and potential penalties. Anecdotal evidence suggests that abuse of…

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When and where must an export container be weighed..??

Weighing of containers has been a bone of contention for many years for many shipping lines and the arguments for and against continue.. Below is the latest article from Lloyds Loading List which raises the question.. “Where in the transport or supply chain should the export container be weighed and the actual weight ascertained”..?? What…

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