Can cargo be released without collection of destination charges..??

Question from a reader from Turkey.. Please feel free to comment.. Ask your question here..: Dear Hariesh Hope doing well. I need your opinion to clarify a big doubt. Some cnee´s at Turkey received imports goods and original BL full set, with some pending charges payable at Turkey. Shipping line release the cargo without charges…

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Freight agent vs Shipper.. Who wins..??

Dear readers, I received below message from one of the readers of this blog which I will consider as a case study.. I have given my opinion at the bottom of this post.. Like to hear yours.. Hi. I was in Dubai, UAE. about 2 weeks ago. Bought a sport car from there. The car dealer found…

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What name should your cargo be known by in a hazardous shipment..??

Proper Shipping Name, Technical Name, Chemical Name, Trade Name are some of the names your cargo is classified into when shipping hazardous cargo.. A lot of improper declarations and incorrect names are known to have been used when filling out a hazardous request/declaration.. What name should your cargo be known by in a hazardous shipment..??…

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Top 10 Things to Keep In Mind When Shipping Overseas

This is a guest post by Celina Jones – who as the owner of a shipping consulting business,  has quite a lot of experience in helping organizations send shipment overseas to several different countries. She sees the emergence of websites like Verschiffung USA as a new trend, with shipping facilities going out of their way to make…

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What happens when containers are abandoned by Consignee

This was a question asked by Roberto – Email: Ask your question here..: What happens when the containers are abandoned by Cnee ? Is the Shipper liable for all detention charges incurred at Port ? is the jurisdiction at Loading Port or Discharge Port Any comments..??

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Difference between Received for Shipment, Shipped on Board, Clean on Board & Clean Shipped on Board

Bills of lading generally bear the clauses Received for Shipment, Shipped on board and Clean on board..

In this article, you can read about the difference between these three clauses..

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