Shipping lines will accept responsibility for their mistakes – True or False..??

A trick question..?? Lets discuss this with a case study of a case that is raging on in one of the social media forums.. A forwarder booked 2×20′ containers with a shipping line to Doha on behalf of his client.. Due to a mistake of the shipping line staff, the shipping line shipped 1×20′ to Doha…

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How containerization shaped the modern world

Here’s a very nice video of how containerization shaped the modern world.. Newcomers to the industry and Joe Public will find this interesting.. Happy viewing.. Also read –

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Case study about incorrect sending of arrival notification

Further to my post regarding arrival notification to clients, one of the readers seems to have landed himself in hot water and is seeking assistance as below.. Any ideas/comments..?? Who is at fault here..?? The shipping line or the consignee..?? can some one help me on this issue… CARGO ARRIVAL was sent by me on…

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In support of the seafarers on Day of the Seafarer 25th June 2012

As mentioned in my post last year in support of the Seafarer, this year i would like to once again thank all seafarers that ply the oceans.. You guys are the backbone of world trade and without your contribution, the world would not be so connected.. So each time someone in Germany takes a sip of South African Wine…

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Carriage of dangerous goods by sea – documentation requirements

There have been many many instances of damage to ship, cargo and lives due to the improper declaration and handling of dangerous goods (hazardous cargo)..

Through this very important article I hope to give a clear picture on the documentary requirements from a shipping perspective and the process of the hazardous cargo applications and the declarations that go with it..

Please read carefully and share with all the people involved in the handling and transportation of such goods..

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Multiple shippers in a bill of lading..??

Multiple shippers in a bill of lading..?? This is a question raised by a reader.. I thought i would throw out this question to you my dear readers.. In my experience I have not seen more than 1 shipper listed on a bill of lading.. I have seen 2 Notify parties, but never more than…

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