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Can I action a Telex Release if bill is consigned To Order…….??

A Telex Release is a very important yet tricky requirement and needs to be handled carefully.. A client could request Telex Release under many circumstances without consideration for how the bill has been consigned/released..

It is important the significance of who the bill of lading is consigned to properly and clearly understood..

Read on to find out if a Telex Release may be actioned if a bill of lading is consigned To Order…….??

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Renting a shipping container..?? Read this check list..

Renting a shipping container..??

Port Container Services are a reliable shipping container supplier in Adelaide, offering quality shipping containers for hire whether it is to transport your items across the country or store your belongings.

They recommend you to follow these 27 points before renting a shipping container..

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Importing for the first time, huh..?? Then you should read this..

Planning to import, but don’t know where and how to start..??

Here is some “generic” practical advice to importers who are importing for the first time.. Includes information about the documentation required for importing, what precautions one must take to avoid any losses..

Please be guided that this is a very generic advice and each import is different and could have many variables..

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The perils of enclosed spaces on a ship

The 25th of June every year is commemorated by the IMO and the international shipping community as the Day of the Seafarer..

In my article dedicated to the Day of the Seafarer, I mentioned “let’s all felicitate the work that these seafarers are doing, sometimes at the risk of their own lives”.. This risk has been highlighted again when on the 26 May 2014 three crewmen on board a general cargo ship were killed after entering the ship’s hold, due to the depletion of oxygen in the hold..

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What is a short form/blank back bill of lading..??

True to the nature of its business, the business of shipping and freight is a vast ocean covering many issues and areas which sometimes seems unfathomable..

A Bill of Lading is the most important document in this business and there are always several questions surrounding a bill of lading.. This article deals with one such type of bill of lading – Short form bill of lading..

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Happy Fathers Day 2014

There are many fathers who are involved in shipping and freight, who dedicate their time to this industry and at times at the expense of time with their families and kids due to the work circumstances which can be extremely taxing at times..

To all those Fathers, you are the pillars of this industry and this blog salutes you and your efforts to keep this industry afloat (pun intended)..

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