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Do banks verify if cargo is actually loaded on a ship..??

Do banks verify if cargo is actually loaded on a ship..??

Shippers who deal with documentary credit know that the term Shipped on Board carries quite a bit of weight and there is often a lot of discussions, disputes, rejections etc from the side of the bank if there is any discrepancy in the shipped on board clause or date or stamp or signature..

So one would naturally assume that the banks verify if the cargo covered in the bill of lading is actually loaded on board the ship or not..

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Industry leaders and innovation at Intermodal Asia 2015 exhibition

In its second year, Intermodal Asia is set to welcome a diverse range of high profile exhibitors showcasing innovative products and services, alongside engaging forums and conference sessions, to demonstrate the best of the intermodal sector. The prestigious event takes place from 24-26 March at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Conference Center. Visitors to…

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What is a reefer container and how does it work..??


Simply put, reefer containers are big fridges that are used to transport temperature controlled cargoes such as fruits, meat, fish, seafood, vegetables, dairy and also also other non-food products such as flowers, pharmaceuticals and film..

Some cargoes may need to be shipped chilled or frozen or in controlled + temperatures. Reefer containers have the ability to maintain the cargo at the required temperatures for the duration of the transit from Point A to Point B.

How does a reefer container work..??

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Test your knowledge – Bill of Lading

If you read the page that I have written about me and why I write this blog, you will see that one of the main reasons that I started this blog is to make shipping and freight less scary and easy for the newcomers to the industry and at the same time to share thoughts, views and opinions with others already in the industry..

One of the ways that I use to gauge the levels of knowledge is by throwing some questions from time to time and ask the readers for answers..

The last few tests were quite a while ago, so I decided to throw out another question as a test..

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How to know a shipping container is in good condition

New and used shipping containers today are big business, and pricing competition is fierce! Here’s how to know if a shipping container is in a condition that will meet your requirements.

New and used shipping containers are finding their way into today’s popular culture and are becoming widely accepted as home and office building materials.

No longer are they viewed as a poor man’s shelter from the pages of Steinbeck’s “Grapes of Wrath” or only for use as an emergency shelter, but instead, they are climbing the pages of haute couture architecture magazines and home builder service offerings.

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Who should bear responsibility for loss of original bill of lading

Question from a reader..

Greetings Hariesh. I was just wondering, in a case whereby a plane say crashes or disappears, and having some OBLs being couriered, who would be responsible for doing the Letter of Indemnity to facilitate release of cargo?

Question from Lloyd BaMumu Taadira

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Shipping jargon of the week

If you Google the word “Jargon” you will see it described as “special words or expressions used by a profession or group that are difficult for others to understand.”

The Shipping and Freight industry also has its own jargon, oh yes, a lot of it usually flummoxes many people in the industry..

Starting this week (Week 9 of 2015), I will be explaining the various jargon that is used in day to day shipping work..

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